Jun 3, 2010

Penghu Fireworks Festival

The 2010 Penghu Fireworks Festival is back again and better than ever. Jointly organized by the Penghu County Government and Penghu National Scenic Area Administration, this year's event will feature activities every Wednesday and Saturday from April 24 to May 29 as well as activities on May 30 and 31. Apart from dazzling fireworks displays, the evening skies over Magong will be further energized with performances by Sodagreen. Penghu County Magistrate Wang Chien-fa warmly welcomes everyone to join the early summer fun!

One of the highlight events at this year's festival will take place on May 29 (Saturday) in front of Ziwei Temple in Suogang Village, Magong City. On that day, the local gods will be taken on a tour with traditional temple street performances adding to the celebratory air. Festival visitors will therefore have a rare chance to experience this grand annual event.

The festival sponsors say that this year's fireworks displays will be the biggest and most spectacular ever. Visitors unable to buy plane tickets or who are looking for more budget-friendly transportation can take the High Speed Rail to Taibao Station in Chiayi, continue by shuttle to Budai Port and then sail to Magong by passenger boat


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