Jun 6, 2010

5 Days Tour for Eastern Taiwan

Day1 可愛的家-高雄小港機場-旗津-西子灣-英國領事館-台東-知本溫泉

Day2 東海岸-小野柳-加母子灣-水往上流-都蘭糖廠-阿美族文化中心-三仙台-史前博物館8pm水舞表演

Day3 初鹿牧場-鹿野茶山-關山-池上(池上便當) -台東岩灣或利吉山上泡茶賞夜景

Day4 富岡漁港搭船-綠島碼頭-午餐-環島之旅-晚餐-夜探梅花鹿-朝日海底溫泉

Day5 早餐-海上活動-浮潛-自由活動-台東-高雄小港機場-溫暖的家

Day1 Lovely Home- Kaohsiung International Airport- Chijin -ShiHzu Bay- British Consulate- Chikan Tower- Taitung - Jhihben Hot Springs

Day2 East Coast- Shiauyeliou- Chimums Bay-Watter Running Up-Dulan Suger Fatory-Amis Tribe Culture Center-Sanhsientai-PM8:00 Water Dance in National Museum Of Perhistory

Day3 Chulu Pastures- Luye Tee Mountain- Guanshan- Chishang (Chishang Tradition Food)-Drink Taiwan Tea And Watch Night Scenes From Mountain

Day4 Fugang Fish Port-Green Islang Harbor-Lunch-Trip of Green Island-Dinner- Searching Spotted Deers In Night- Zhaori Hot Spring of Sea

Day5 Breakfast- Water activities- Walking around in Green Island- Taitung- Kaohsiung International Airport- Warming Home


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