Jun 3, 2010

Our Sigaporean customers - Grace family



The lovely couple from Singapore, they took a trip to Taiwan for 6 days and 5 nights, they went to these well-known scenic spots like Sun Moon Lake, Formosa Aborigine Art Centre, Cingjing Farm, Hehuan Mountain, Taroko National Park, Yilan and Taipei etc. This lohas and recharge trip kept them far away from hustle and bustle life, we believe this relax trip must make their body and soul full of substance.

Here are their picture:

Photo in Sun Moon Lake Ropeway 日月潭纜車

Grace in Hehuan Mountain Grace攝於合歡山
Took a picture with Nezha 與哪吒
Fly the flying lantern in Shangrila Leisure Farm 香格里拉農場放天燈


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